A plethora of beings want eternal chaos

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"Oh!…well hello I didn’t see you all there, I suppose your here to groan and complain about my chaotic patch of land here?" I asked gesturing to the buildings floating upside down above checkerboard patter ground as chocolate milk rained from the Cotten candy clouds.

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    "Scales: Fine, say what you want, but ill never fall for your tricks. Just so you know I have my eye on you as well. Now...
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    “I’ll try not to” I retorted smugly, looking at you like you were a small dog doing their best to act as fierce as...
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    "Hm, yes," Wendy looked amused. "I’ve never much cared for normal myself. Neverland was by no means normal, but moreso...
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    "But.. this isn’t natural or possible!" The Doctor rolled up his hat as he looked around. He made a small circle and...